Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marriage Update

I am expecting specific plans to come out sometime soon on how our ward/stake is going to implement formal support for the marriage proposal. So far, I've only heard that Elder Ballard is spearheading the effort and that California Stake Presidents are involved in conference calls.

My opinion on this whole matter lines up very well with Seth's here.

Kaimi (another Calfornia lawyer) has a good write-up here.


Seth R. said...

Yeah, but you gotta admit, overhauling the entire marriage code, and all the places it has infiltrated our legal system would be a herculean, if not outright impossible task.

Wishful thinking on my part perhaps.

DCL said...

I think it's especially mind-boggling for community property states.

I might be more in favor of the state simply stepping away from the syntax of marriage while still recognizing domestic household relationships.